1806 United States map
22″ x 19.5″
Contrasting binding / reproduction fabric

1892 World map
32″ x 21″
Solid color binding / modern fabric

1883 United States State of Kansas map
24″ x 16.25″
matching colored binding / reproduction fabric

1883 United States State of Kansas map
24″ x 16.25″
binding to match frame around map / reproduction fabric

1883 City of Los Angeles California map
24″ x 29.75″
matching colored binding / reproduction fabric

1660 New Amsterdam
24″ x 16.25″
matching color binding / modern fabric

Antique silver and antique brass
Can stamp an initial in star and small circles.
Can stamp 4-digit year in larger circles.
(The antique silver looks better with stamping.)


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A bit about me

Erin Williamson Klein
New York to Nevada
Started my research in 1993

Aside from my own family history research, I also have 2 Surname Studies: Colepaugh mainly in the US and Schraven worldwide.

Following the GPS!

Sourced Database Statistics:

64 direct ancestors through 4x great grandparents
2 of 2 people identified in 1st generation
4 of 4 people identified in 2nd generation
8 of 8 people identified in 3rd generation
14 of 16 people identified in 4th generation
20 of 32 people identified in 5th generation
16 of 64 people identified in 6th generation

# people properly sourced
# remaining to be sourced
% completed

Paticipating In:

WikiTree worldwide family tree
+ more ... join me @ WikiTree

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The NaNoWriMo challenge is to write 50,000 words during the month of November.

The Surname Society

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