I decided around Thanksgiving time that I needed to get back to my regularly scheduled life and the plans I have for that life—including this blog and my family history. The thing that has previously been sucking away my time is not worth the effort I’ve been devoting to it. (I need to remember that and just focus on my own stuff…)

In December, I decided participate in Thomas MacEntee’s Genealogy Do Over event. That was my goal last year. Starting over. I got sidetracked in mid-April. (Remind me to never again do the April A-Z Challenge on TWO blogs when I only have Internet access every other week…) And completely derailed in August. Maybe having a little bit of structure and a time frame will keep me on track this time?

There is a very active community of participants on Facebook for anyone interested in the Genealogy Do-Over. I won’t be able to actively participate in the Facebook group because of limited Internet access during the 13 weeks of the do-over, but I am hoping to go back and read through some of the posts later on. It can be a bit overwhelming with the wealth of information and resources being shared but just remember to focus on the topics Thomas has set up for the week and how to make them work for you. The rest will be there for investigation later. The highlights from the FB group can be found here.

I’ll be here in my little bubble trying to post a little here and there most likely a bit behind schedule and I will be finishing up the OneNote tutorials as well. I know some of you have been waiting and wanting me to get back to those for far too long.

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