Microsoft has made some changes to the way notebooks can be shared on OneDrive. I believe you can view my notebooks in OneDrive without being signed into Microsoft following the links I have provided. However, you will need to be signed into your Microsoft account before you can open these OneNote notebooks on your computer. Once they are opened on your computer, they will be READ ONLY Sections and Pages. You will not be able to edit them.

In order to edit the Sections and Pages in OneNote, you will need to create a new OneNote notebook and COPY the Sections and Pages to your new notebook. (Right click on the Section/Page and choose Move/Copy.) Once you have done that, you can close the Read Only notebook. You should now be able to edit the Sections and Pages in your new notebook.


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A bit about me

Erin Williamson Klein
New York to Nevada
Started my research in 1993

Following the GPS!

Sourced Database Statistics:

2 of 2 people identified in 2nd generation
4 of 4 people identified in 3rd generation
8 of 8 people identified in 4th generation
16 of 16 people identified in 5th generation
30 of 32 people identified in 6th generation
36 of 64 people identified in 7th generation
26 of 256 people identified in 9th generation
14 of 512 people identified in 10th generation
8 of 1024 people identified in 11th generation

Paticipating In:

WikiTree worldwide family tree
+ more ... join me @ WikiTree

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November 2020 NanoWriMo
50,404 of 50,000 words written about my ancestors.